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The Fraser Valley Boat & Sportsmen’s Show is happening this weekend (March 7th – 9th) and we look forward to meet and talk to some of the readers! I will be stationing at the DNE Fishing booth most of the weekend, so please drop by for a chat. For more information about the show, please visit:

Rodney Hsu
Webmaster, Fishing with Rod Production


The last coho salmon of 2007 was hooked up after a heavy snowfall in late November. At first it appeared to be a coho jack, but it turned out to be a small and rather bright adult after closer examination. This is a segment of February 2008’s video diary “Late Season Coho Tactics” for subscribers.

Spring is here! Well almost… After a brief visit to Berry’s Bait and Tackle today, I headed down to the Tidal Fraser River to see if a bull trout or two maybe interested in my new lures. It is just slightly too early. Most bull trout should still be in tributaries, waiting for baby salmon to emerge and feast on them. This doesn’t mean that there are no bull trout in the mainstem Fraser River of course. There should be some patrolling the channels and filling their stomach up with lazy sculpins. No fish were harmed today, but like every other Vancouverite, I soaked in some warm ray. On the way home I spotted these two sitting high above so I quickly hopped out of the car and took a photo.

February’s video diary has now been uploaded to our subscribers section! This month features “Late season coho tactics” with Marco and I attempting to explain and demonstrate how to entice some silvers in November. We actually succeeded and have a few fish to show!

Subscribers, go straight to the videos…

Here is a preview!

I hope you will enjoy this one!

Rodney Hsu
Webmaster, Fishing with Rod Production

Here is the second video clip that we have finished editing for STS Guiding Service. This video was filmed by my friend Svend, while I hauled in a smaller sturgeon of the day. Even though it was a foot shorter than the other fish that we connected that day, it was still quite stubborn and stayed down for a fair amount of time. If you are interested in the Fraser River Canyon whitewater jetboating and sturgeon fishing trip, then please email Vic Carrao. I highly recommend it! I will be adding this video to our video section in a day or two. YouTube has a tendency to compress our uploaded video so the quality offered in our video section is much better.

Our trip story…

No more crabby nights

Fisheries and Oceans Canada has issued a night closure for crabbing in Area 28 (Burrard Inlet, Port Moody Arm and Indian Arm). Crab poaching has always been a problem in the saltwaters around Vancouver due to the popularity of this fishery. There are three common violations:

  • Keeping undersized crabs
  • Taking more crabs than you are allowed
  • Keeping female crabs

By having night closures, it should make enforcement much easier since traps and fishermen are harder to spot in the dark. When you witness a violation, you should always call the ORR (observe, record, report) line at 1-800-465-4336. Remember, poaching is stealing from you because the resource belongs to every person in Canada.

A short bus ride to hungry trout

The weather was quite reasonable today in Copenhagen. Surprisingly, it has not gone sub-zero for many days as I had anticipated, which is a relief. Today’s wind was light with occasional sun peeks so I decided to take a ride down to the local harbour and make a few casts. Busses and trains are incredibly convenient in Copenhagen. People are forced to rely on them since cars are expensive (180% sale tax). The bus beside our apartment goes by once every ten minutes. Once I get on, I would be at the harbour in less than ten minutes, so it is in fact faster than driving as you have to consider the amount of time used to seek for a parking spot.

The locals have been taunting me with some emails about fish that were caught in the harbour last week. One of the regular hardcores, Stig, was into some of his biggest sea trout in his lifetime. The biggest one landed, was measured at 88cm long. That’s 35 inches! The estimated weight for this fish is 24lb.

Armed with some heavy flashy lures that I had just purchased, I too was hoping to connect with beasts similar in size. Stig was already hunting for more fish when I arrived. Ryan arrived soon after to practice his spey casts. It wasn’t long before Stig whistled from a fair distance away. We looked up. He waved his hand frantically while walking backward with a rather bent rod. A good size male sea trout he had on. Most of these fish are now starting to transform back to their ocean phase, losing the spawning colours.

I was able to hook one fish around the same size later on, but landing it was not to be today. The hook popped off near shore just as Ryan pulled out the camera for some action shots. Perhaps tomorrow, the weather looks fairly tolerable once again. Big hungry trout are only a short bus trip away, not many places can offer that.

With the steelhead season in full swing, your chance of having the winning catch is rather big this weekend. This Sunday, January 20th, will be the second annual Fundraising Steelhead Derby in Chilliwack. The money raised will be donated to the Sportfishing Defence Alliance, which actively ensures that your sportfishing opportunities are preserved on the political field.

If you plan to attend and have not done so, please email organizer Rick Lewis. There will be a post-derby BBQ at 1:30pm, where awards and prizes will be presented. Frank Kwak from the Sportfishing Defence Alliance will also be on site to receive the donation raised. The BBQ is a potluck, so please check with Rick what food or drink items he still needs. There is an ongoing discussion about this derby in our discussion forum too if interested.

Event name: 2nd Annual Fundraising Steelhead Derby
Date: Sunday, January 20th, 2008
Derby cost: $25.00 (includes one draw prize ticket and Derby baseball hat)
Additional draw ticket cost: $5.00
Sign-up time and location: 6:00am – 7:00am at Reaction Fly and Tackle
Weigh-in, prizes, BBQ time and location: 1:30pm at Cedar Run (approximately 5 minute drive from the Tamahi Bridge)

Here is the prize list:

  • One Fenwick Canadian Methods centerpin rod with one Okuma Aventa VT 1000 centerpin reel 
  • One pair of Grizzly Creek neoprene waders (with boot attachment)
  • Two Fishing with Rod annual subscriptions
  • Two assorted river fishing terminal tackle packages
  • Two assorted spinner packages
  • One Daiwa spinning rod and reel combo
  • Five packages of spinners (8 in each pack –  2 red, 2 gold, 2 blue and 2 green)
  • Three sets of DNE balsa floats and float stoppers.
  • Stealth Fishing floats
  • Nine copies of “Knotty Girls – A fisherman’s guide to tying knots”
  • Pioneer Dryking 3 in 1 fishing vest/jacket
  • One high end centerpin blank and rod building labour cost of the blank
  • Six $25.00 service gift certificates to Express Reel Service (reel service,wader repair,felt sole replacement)
  • T-shirts

This event is always generously supported by local businesses:

Good luck on Sunday! Here are some photographs from last year’s derby.

Well, we ventured out to the fishing ground for the first time since we arrived in Denmark a few days ago. The weather was surprisingly mild, sunny and CALM. Persistent wind can really drive you crazy on this island nation at times. Today, we could cast in all directions without worrying about being blown around. The glassy water surface was also relaxing to look at. We visited a river where we have fished regularly. It produces sea trout, northern pike, european perch and a few other coarse fish species. Today, the target species are the three predatory fish mentioned above. Fishing can be good in the winter. The temperature is low, fish are not as mobile, so only big food items would tempt a strike.

Cost of fishing this river is much higher than what would cost to fish in BC. Beside the CAD$30 annual license, a day card that costs CAD$15 is also required.

Anyway, perhaps it was the nice weather, the fishing was not exactly spectacular. The first few hours were unproductive. Once the river was shaded in the afternoon, I managed to hook a small northern pike, which managed to wiggle itself into the weeds. I was able to pull it out, but the hook popped off when I carelessly horsed it to shore in the end.

We also explored a new section of the river, where I missed a few more good takes. Just when we were about to call it a day, I somehow foul-hooked a poor bream, which gave me some of its snot-like slime before I sent it back to the drink.

Beach fishing for sea trout tomorrow. Perhaps we will have better luck there.

Today’s announcement

Thomas at TNT Marine is looking to see what kind of interest there is in a jet boat association for the Fraser Valley and southwestern BC. As number of jet boaters grows significantly each year, there seems to be guidance needed for newcomers and people who have been boating for years.

Jet boating is becoming more and more popular each year, we have noticed that a lot of people are not only using their boats for fishing but for a little bit of everything. He will be having an open house at TNT MARINE on January 19th 2008 at 3:00pm.

This will be a trial to see how many people are interested in forming an association. You can email Thomas at if you are going to attend, or just show up.