After another Vedder outing on Wednesday with dismal result, it could only get worse when the old timers rub it in by catching a few on the next day. Yesterday Chris managed to connect with a couple, donating one wild fish to the hatchery broodstock program. The second fish was quite forgiving, you can find out more about what happened by reading “A Valentine Fish, A Suicidal One Too, The Journal From The Vedder, Feb.14

This morning, another email that was attached with photos came in as expected. Retirement continues to pay off for Chris, with another hatchery steelhead beached. It sure makes working in front of this screen rather frustrated but entertaining at times.

We are expecting multiple days of sunshine in Southern BC starting tomorrow, which should make some good fishing days for the weekend warriors. Have a great weekend everyone!


The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC has just released its Lower Mainland Feature Lake Guide. This comprehensive guide is a 24-page PDF file that is free for download. It covers the fishing season, methods, map and directions of many productive lakes in the Lower Mainland.

Please click here to download

The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC is a non-profit organization who works in partnership with the provincial government to deliver the fish stocking program as well as providing conservation fish culture services that support steelhead and sturgeon recovery programs.

Lower Mainland lakes are typically stocked by the Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery between late March and early June, and again between late September and early December. Most of the rainbow trout stocked are between 12 and 16 inches in length. Due to high catch rates, It is a fantastic urban fishery for everyone, especially young, entry level, disabled and retired anglers.

Natalie West from the society will be talking about this fishery and answering your questions at this year’s Fraser Valley Boats and Sportsmen’s Show. For stocking updates, we will once again be hosting the trout stocking database so be sure to check back in late March. Here are some related video clips.

That ain’t no bull trout! Nina finds her biggest coho salmon on the end of her line. This is a segment of February 2008’s video diary “Late Season Coho Tactics” for our subscribers.

YouTube has a tendency to downgrade the video quality. We have the same video on our website at higher quality, please click here to view.

A Microsoft Powerpoint presentation has been released this afternoon that summarizes the gravel operation at Spring Bar on February 2008 and its impact on salmonid habitat. The report is put together collectively by the following groups:

  • BC Wildlife Federation
  • Sportfishing Defence Alliance
  • Fraser River Keeper
  • David Suzuki Foundation
  • Fraser Valley Salmon Society

Download file now!

The file is just over 2mb large. The entire presentation takes about 10 to 20 minutes to through. Please take the time to go through it and pass it onto others who are unaware of the issue. If you do not have Microsoft Powerpoint, I have changed each slide into JPG files. Please click on each link below to see the slides.

Last week’s photos from the operation site can be seen below.

Winter steelhead fishing, particularly on a heavily used river such as the Chilliwack River, can be both loved and hated by some (me). The sudden burial of that bright float is an instant rush, yet it happens so seldomly. The wait can be so agonizing, especially when the temperature goes subzero. Sometimes the wait lasts all day and when it finally happens, the worst that can happen is the dreadful missed hookset.

Today I ventured out to the Chilliwack River for the second time this season. The plan was to fish with either Chris or Nick, who both are currently fishing for broodstocks for the Chilliwack River Hatchery (Please click here to read about the broodstock collection program). The phone rang as I made the drive out from Vancouver.

“Where are you?”, asked Chris.
“Stuck in traffic!”
“Oh… I’m almost at the river, will check back later.”

Before I even reached Chilliwack, the phone rang again.

“Well, I’m done after six casts.”

I decided to focus on an area where Nick and I fished on Monday, but it did not produce a bite for two hours. I wandered further away from my car to seek for new spots, then the phone rang at 10:00am.

“We just tubed a wild fish from Lew.”

When a wild fish is collected for the hatchery, it is kept in a tube where river water would run through it freely to keep the oxygen flowing until the hatchery truck arrives for pickup.

Excited, I began making my way to where Chris and Lew were. It was a ten minute sprint to the car then a short drive to their spot. I wanted to get some video footages when the fish was being picked up.

Upon my arrival, Chris proudly showed me his catch of the day.

Peter and Bob from the hatchery arrived soon after me. We gathered and discussed how the season has been before they left with the fish.

Here is a video of transporting this solid wild fish, which will hopefully produce many offsprings for this year’s hatchery program.

In the afternoon, Chris followed me around while I looked for my chromer. Apparently my roe chunks were not approved by the guide, who brought me some of his prawns and roe sacs.

At 3:30pm, the float finally took a dive. Somehow I hesitated and set the hook poorly, the result reflected that effort. No fish was going home today.

I arrived back to my car and discovered these broken glasses, which must have been from other cars that recently parked near me. It’s a reminder that all should pay extra attention on suspicious activities in parking lots along the Chilliwack River. Car thefts and break-ins continue to be a problem in this recreational corridor. Solutions?

Yesterday I followed Nick around with the video camera, hoping to capture a couple of chromers on film. It was also my first steelhead outing of the season. We managed to be pulled around by one massive fish, which Nick estimated to be around 18lb, for a minute before it spat the hook near shore. The river bank was still covered in thick snow. My toes were still purple when I hopped into the bath tub.

The milder and wetter weather in the next few days may either improve the fishing or turn the river unfishable. Good luck to all!

Today’s announcements

Lower Fraser Coho Conservation and Enhancement Initiative Recovery Plan Workshop

What is happening to wild salmon? Fort Langley (March 3rd) & Sechelt (March 5th)

February’s video diary has now been uploaded to our subscribers section! This month features “Late season coho tactics” with Marco and I attempting to explain and demonstrate how to entice some silvers in November. We actually succeeded and have a few fish to show!

Subscribers, go straight to the videos…

Here is a preview!

I hope you will enjoy this one!

Rodney Hsu
Webmaster, Fishing with Rod Production

Boat show tickets give-away

Vancouver International Boat Show is back at BC Place and False Creek Yacht Club on February 6th to 10th, 2008. We have at least five pairs of show tickets to give away to our subscribers. If you are a subscriber and are interested in the tickets, please send an email to with the phrase “Vancouver Boat Show tickets” in the subject field. Ticket winners will be notified by email on January 30th, 2008.

STS Guiding Service’s winter seminars

This year STS Guiding Service is offering 3 scheduled seminars; these seminars are our most popular seminars that sell out year after year.

Our first seminar is the Jet Boat Clinic, we are offering two dates: March 22nd & 23rd. More information…

Our second seminar is the Sturgeon workshop, come learn from the pros how to catch sturgeon on a consistent basis. There are 2 classes to choose from: April 5th & 12th. More information…

Our 3rd and final seminar is our popular fly-casting lessons; this is a 3-day seminar with two dates to choose from. More information…

Vedder winter steelhead seminars

STS Guide Gerry Dewar has been doing well and reports his 14th fish this season, a 11 lb buck that was dinner last night. Gerry says the crowds on the weekend were pretty bad but that has cleared up a bit.

We are not offering our 3-day steelhead seminar this winter but instead we are offering a 1-day steelhead seminar with Gerry. The cost this 1-day on the river seminar with one of the Vedder’s top steelhead anglers is $250 for 1 person or $375 for 2 anglers.

To sign up for any of the above seminars, please contact Vic Carrao.

Pacific Angler Spey Course with Dana Sturn

Pacific Angler is pleased to announce its 3rd Pacific Angler Spey Course with FFF certified instructor Dana Sturn accompanied by Jason Tonelli. This two-part course is designed with the beginner to intermediate spey caster in mind.

The first part of the course is from 7:00pm – 9:30pm at Pacific Angler. During this time we will discuss the different rods, reels, and lines available today, proper gear set up, and different casting strokes. This will be followed by a question and answer period.

The second part of the course is on the water casting instruction for 8 hours. We will travel by jet boat to a location where we will practice river left and river right casts. All the major casting styles will be covered. You will learn Spey casts that will allow you to go out and fish with two-handed rods.

More information…


Yesterday Chilliwack Progress published an article regarding the gravel extraction that is currently taking place on the Fraser River. With the snow pack being below seasonal norm, one must wonder what the true objective of this operation is, not that gravel removal would have made a difference if there was a threat of flooding. What is more troubling is the fact that this permit, approved by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, actually allows harmful alteration of fish habitat and fish kill, which completely contradicts the agency’s mandate.

Read the rest of this entry »

Here is the second video clip that we have finished editing for STS Guiding Service. This video was filmed by my friend Svend, while I hauled in a smaller sturgeon of the day. Even though it was a foot shorter than the other fish that we connected that day, it was still quite stubborn and stayed down for a fair amount of time. If you are interested in the Fraser River Canyon whitewater jetboating and sturgeon fishing trip, then please email Vic Carrao. I highly recommend it! I will be adding this video to our video section in a day or two. YouTube has a tendency to compress our uploaded video so the quality offered in our video section is much better.

Our trip story…