Yesterday we took a trip into Copenhagen. It’s a pretty routine trip really, because we are only ten minutes by train from Downtown. I took some photographs along the way.

The main modes of transportation around Copenhagen are bicycles, trains, metro and busses. If you live anywhere within 50km from Copenhagen, then you can get around with ease on a train. The waiting time is usually short, because a train goes by a station once every ten minutes on weekdays. Travelling time is in fact faster than a car, without the stress too.

The Central Station in Copenhagen was packed with travellers who were making their way home for Christmas. This is the main stop to all the small towns in Denmark as well as major cities around Europe.

As usual, a giant Christmas tree stands at the main square in front of the town hall.

Pigeons gathered on a statue, tucking themselves tightly for warmth.

Nyhavn is probably the most popular tourist location in Copenhagen. Its colourful buildings and old boats are too often featured in postcard photos, which tend to give people the perception that all of Denmark looks like Nyhavn. This harbour is filled with both locals and tourists in the summer, when canal boat tours and outdoor cafes are available. In the winter months, it is not as exciting. Christmas market runs in December, which is usually likely attended by locals, but it has its own charm.

One more day until the feast begins. Merry Christmas everyone!