Today we had a change of scenery. I was guided by two local avid beach fishermen who are constantly chasing sea trout. Sea trout, or migratory brown trout, is a rather fascinating species with a complex life history. As adults, they spend time feeding in the fjords or ocean and return to their natal streams when spawning. This is somewhat similar to pacific salmonids, except the timing of return is irregular. Some may choose to stay in the marine environment for an extra year until condition favours spawning. As a result, the size variation of fish caught on the beach is quite significant throughout the year.

Henrik and Lars decided to take me to a new location where I have not seen in the southern part of Zealand. Apparently the fishing during the week was good for some locals, who managed to land up to 25 fish on spinning gear. It means nothing really, since sea trout are constantly on the move. They follow the food source and seek out pockets of warmer water during the winter months. Well, appparently food and warm baths were further away from the beaches today, because we did not hit a single fish. The key was to cast into the darker weed patches, retrieve, and take one step and repeat the process. This ensures that the entire beach section is thoroughly fished. It’s basically steelhead fishing, except with a million gallons more water.

I managed to take some photos of the coastline, which is quite typical around Denmark. Notice the clay erosion on some of the small cliffs. It is an ongoing process caused by rain, freezing and melting.

Today’s announcement


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Beginner class specializing in trout patterns. All tools and materials are supplied and included in the course fee (tools are on loan). The class fee is $ 100.00 and payable in advance of the class starts date. All students enrolled in the class will be eligible to purchase all fly tying materials at 10% off regular price for the duration of the class.

The next classes are slated to begin on Friday Jan 11th, 2008, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm here at the shop. Class will run through until Feb 1st, 2008 (last class).
This class will focus on Trout flies to get you ready for ice off!

– Class size is generally from 6-10, depending upon enrollment, minimum 5 people.
– Instructor: Matt Suzuki
– Flies covered include:

  • Tom Thumb
  • Half/ Full Back
  • Wooly Bugger
  • Doc Spratley
  • Hare’ Ear
  • Mickey Finn
  • Pheasant Tail Nymph

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