Well, we ventured out to the fishing ground for the first time since we arrived in Denmark a few days ago. The weather was surprisingly mild, sunny and CALM. Persistent wind can really drive you crazy on this island nation at times. Today, we could cast in all directions without worrying about being blown around. The glassy water surface was also relaxing to look at. We visited a river where we have fished regularly. It produces sea trout, northern pike, european perch and a few other coarse fish species. Today, the target species are the three predatory fish mentioned above. Fishing can be good in the winter. The temperature is low, fish are not as mobile, so only big food items would tempt a strike.

Cost of fishing this river is much higher than what would cost to fish in BC. Beside the CAD$30 annual license, a day card that costs CAD$15 is also required.

Anyway, perhaps it was the nice weather, the fishing was not exactly spectacular. The first few hours were unproductive. Once the river was shaded in the afternoon, I managed to hook a small northern pike, which managed to wiggle itself into the weeds. I was able to pull it out, but the hook popped off when I carelessly horsed it to shore in the end.

We also explored a new section of the river, where I missed a few more good takes. Just when we were about to call it a day, I somehow foul-hooked a poor bream, which gave me some of its snot-like slime before I sent it back to the drink.

Beach fishing for sea trout tomorrow. Perhaps we will have better luck there.

Today’s announcement

Thomas at TNT Marine is looking to see what kind of interest there is in a jet boat association for the Fraser Valley and southwestern BC. As number of jet boaters grows significantly each year, there seems to be guidance needed for newcomers and people who have been boating for years.

Jet boating is becoming more and more popular each year, we have noticed that a lot of people are not only using their boats for fishing but for a little bit of everything. He will be having an open house at TNT MARINE on January 19th 2008 at 3:00pm.

This will be a trial to see how many people are interested in forming an association. You can email Thomas at thomasr@t-n-tmarine.com if you are going to attend, or just show up.