Our Nordic exploration has once again begun. Each winter, I spend December and January in Denmark to spend the festive holidays with Nina and her family. The food is usually the highlight. There will of course be some fishing for species that are not found in Canada. Stay tuned for future postings, as I will update throughout the trip when interesting places are visited, good food is eaten and fish are caught.

Our Lufthansa flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt was long but uneventful as usual. We departed and took our time to get through the clouds as snow fell in the Fraser Valley. We remained fairly low when crossing the Okanagan valley, so we managed to get some good shots between clouds.

Energetic passengers, prior to departure.

Flying over the coast mountain range.

Dinner arrived. We sat on the third last row, so sure enough we didn’t get a choice between two entrees and ended up with pasta.


Nina did not seem so impressed.

I saw Northern light for the first time as we flew over Greenland. Too bad the camera could not capture the view.

Breakfast seemed much better.

Circling around Frankfurt before landing. It is one of the most heavily used international airport in Europe.

The landing of the big bird was smooth, despite of heavy wind.

Stupidity began once we pulled up to our terminal (second plane from right in the photo below). A SAS MD-82 (the tiny one hiding behind the our big airbus in the photo) pulled up beside our plane as we were getting off. That was our next flight to Copenhagen. It was so close, yet so far away. We were sent onto a bus that took us to the main tranfer area, where we went through passport check. We then followed the signs and ended up between two terminals, where I took the photo below. We continued to the terminal on the opposite end, then were guided to an underground tunnel that went below all the airplanes and took us back to the original terminal, where our next flight sat. The entire trek took over 30 minutes, leaving us hot and thirsty.

The second flight is always easy, because it only takes just over one hour between Frankfurt and Copenhagen. The pilots always seem to race through this route, the actual flight time is always much shorter than expected flight time.

Sea of clouds above the Baltic Sea.

A girl can always shop after travelling for 15 hours.

So here we are, crammed into a rather small apartment. Our first fishing outing will happen tomorrow. Perhaps there will be some catches to report.